We know that buying the right item for your home can sometime be a bit of a challenge with different function and details that we all wonder - what does that mean? As our customers ask those questions we are building up a list in order to help other. So if you have a question that is not listed below please donít be afraid to ask using our contact us page.


My Clock Isn't Working, How Can I Fix It?

This is our most commonly asked question. Almost all of our clocks use batteries (with only two exceptions) and sadly the vast majority of the problems encountered with clocks, come from faulty batteries. There are numerous types of batteries from multiple manufacturers. Our clocks can use two main battery types, these being Zinc and Alkaline. Zinc batteries are intended for low drain functions and Alkaline are intended for high drain use. Following extensive testing, we require customers test their clocks using new Alkaline Energiser batteries - we cannot accept tests using other brands, or batteries that have been used in other products and/or are not bran new. Once tests have been performed, we will be happy to look at replacing the product, if it is within its warranty period.

Radio Controlled Clocks. How do they work?

Radio-controlled timepieces receive regular time and date updates over the air via a constantly broadcast long wave radio signal. Clocks on sale in the UK either receive their time signal over-the-air from Anthorn in Cumbria (MSF 60kHz), or from the DCF77 European transmitter in Mainflingen, Frankfurt, Germany. In 2007, the UK MSF signal moved from Rugby to Anthorn in Cumbria. The MSF time and date code includes the year, month, day of month, day of week, hour, minute, British Summer Time (in effect or imminent), DUT1 (a parameter giving UT1-UTC.

What is a Smartlite function on a clock?

Smartlite is designed to give a gentle glow to the dial for easy reading in low light conditions. The clock has a automatic sensor which switches the light ON/OFF as light conditions in the room change. Some clocks operate this feature automatically and others allow you to turn the function on and off. Details on these specifics are available within each product details.

What is an Autoset function on a clock?

Simply when the clock is plugged in, the correct time will be displayed after a few seconds. Normally Autoset clocks are mains powered with a battery backup. The battery backup allows the time to be set and stored so when you plug it in the time is already set. Normally the backup batteries need to be replaces every 2/3 years to enable this feature to continue. The clocks normally allow you to manually alter the time though so if the backup battery is not replaced its not an issue.

What is the Solar Power function on a clock?

This type of clock is designed to operate using alkaline batteries & solar power. Battery Life is extended approximately 4-5 years if the clock is used in light at least 200 lux (unit of Illumination) for 10hours per day.

How do I set the chimes on my pendulum clock or mantel clock?

In the pendulum / chime section, insert the batteries (generally two AA batteries). Normally the chimes will sound, which will set the time to midnight. Simply press the red button, to get the chimes to the correct number. As most pendulum clocks come with an auto-night shut off, if the current time is in the afternoon, you will need to press the red button twelve times before the mechanism knows it's the afternoon. If the time is 5pm, you will need to set the time to 4pm and the chimes will then chime correctly once the time gets to 5pm. We often find this needs to occur a number of times to get it set correctly.

How do I redeem a Free Postage Voucher Code on the Website?

If you are using a voucher code that gives you free postage please remember that for orders over ?10 free shipping is given to all orders for Second Class Postage. So the voucher code will not work in this scenario. If your order is under ?10 you can use the voucher code to get free Second Class postage. Once you have added your item to the basket and your on the checkout screen, select the country (United Kingdom), once this has refreshed the page it will show the postage charge. Your can then enter the discount code and apply this to your basket. Please also note discounts do not always apply to discounted on sale products.

How do I redeem a discount Voucher Code on the Website?

Once you have added your chosen item into your shopping basket, go to the checkout. Enter select the country you require shipment to i.e. United Kingdom. Then once the page has refreshed enter your discount code and complete the checkout process. Please also note discounts do not always apply to discounted on sale products.

How to I register an account on the site?

Click Register in the top right hand corner of the website, fill in the form with all of your details, if you do not complete all of the form this could cause problems in registering. Once you have filled in the form you will receive an email confirming your registration. You can then shop normally and revisit our site to purchase again and again by logging in.